I have a Message for you


I was feeling a Spirit guide try to connect with you and they were making me aware of a few things that I wanted to pass on to you.

They are showing me an abrupt ending to a relationship or connection, in fact, this doesn't have to be a committed relationship, but it looks to me as though something ended suddenly and it's almost as though they disappeared. 

I feel like they may either had addictions, or mental health issues. It feels like they were involved in some things that weren't necessarily good for them and I feel they were held back by something or someone, that could've been a family situation or relationship, possibly even involving children.  

As I'm drawing the cards for you I see this person had a bit of a temper. I also see how you find it hard to deal with someone who has emotional outbursts and I feel like anything that is emotional traumatic or you're feeling as though you're walking on eggshells and one day is so different to the next, you will pull back. 

I do see a message or communication, it may have already happened and perhaps you ignored it, or if not, then it's coming very soon.

As I look at this I feel like you gave this person a lot of time. I feel like there is a soul connection here that is on a very deep level, perhaps twin flame or soul mate. 

The ace of cups card has come up now which shows a time of new opportunity and new beginnings, but, can you trust this person?  I have your cards here but I can only hold them until midnight. 

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