Your Message from Chris (continued)...

 Hey! I've drawn 6 cards for you.

I wanted to share the first two with you, and if there is a connection with this message then I'll leave the details below for you to get your own reading! 

As I look at these two cards for you, I see unresolved feelings, conversations and thoughts between you and someone.

Oh my god, there is a powerful connection, and this is intense! I feel like you and them are meant to be, perhaps it was just the wrong time?!

As I look at this I see you and this person connected instantly, and this was probably at a time when you just didn't expect it, right? I feel like in some ways perhaps you and them were not ready for it, but it happened, and that's that! 

I see the connection was FIRE, there was chemistry. I look at this person to be charming and charismatic, but you know what?! It's not all about the looks, as I feel like maybe this person was not the person you'd have in mind to be with, perhaps some boxes were ticked and some not?

Put it this way, if you're thinking about them, then they're thinking about you. I feel like this all went wrong but maybe drifted apart too? I feel like you have both grown so much and changed since this. This may go back a while, but it feels like you knew them for years?! The emotions were so intense, and I see it was as hard for them as it was for you and that may be why they walked away and 'cut it off' as they just couldn't deal with it...

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Speak soon,

Chris x 

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