Your Message (continued...)

 Hey! I've drawn 3 cards for you. The first card shows me that someone regrets the way they treated you. It feels like they left you suddenly and you was hurt and betrayed, rightfully so, but I feel like this person is thinking about you right now. This may go back to last year, 2022.

I see this person being closed with their emotions and they struggled to open up to you as well. I see initials D, J & M being with or around them. I see 3 people closely around them but I feel like someone you know has been passing information on to them or they have asked about you. I feel like they had been distant from family or people around them and they have found it hard to deal with their emotions.

I feel like things escalated in a way they didn't need to, right? I also feel like someone perhaps got involved and made things worse than they already was? Also, it may be they moved on with someone else quickly, but, I feel like there heart wasn't in that, they've come to realise what they lost. 

I'm also seeing a significant birthday or anniversary which may be why you are on their mind right now. I am seeing March - June of 2022 and it looks like they were in your life then or there was a connection. 

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