Your LOVE Message

I felt guided to look at the cards for you, focusing on love.  
The first card I see is showing me battles and conflicts, and also feeling torn in my mind and not being sure of what to do for the best.
I also see you may have been feeling exhausted with a situation, almost as though it's draining?
Spirit are talking about someone who has also interfered or seems to have taken a dislike or made things worse for you, perhaps influenced someone to do what they want them to do. 
I feel like you have a very good sense of Intuition and you can read people as such, whoever this person is I see is slightly sly and two faced, I feel like you have possibly pulled away from this person anyway or maybe you don't have much contact or involvement with them. 
This feels definitely to be a female and possibly a maternal connection, but I feel like this person has or definitely did interfere in a situation. 
As I look at the World card for you this signifies change, but shows me how you have grown a huge amount from what you have been through.
I can see a change came around the mid to end of last year, 2023. I see how it was generally challenging but more so challenging emotionally and traumatic.
I feel like you and someone haven't had any closure. Also, was / is there something you haven't been able to speak about or discuss? I also see a holiday or travel being discussed, perhaps this didn't happen or won't happen, but I feel most importantly that you need to listen to your heart and never be manipulated or forced into doing anything you don't want to do. 
I can see a past connection, this person still has feelings or is definitely thinking about you. I also see a significant date around this time so either birthday or anniversary, it feels like they are thinking about you right now especially, although maybe they acted like they haven't been bothered, they really have deep down.
It feels like it could have been the right person and maybe it was just the wrong time? I feel like there may have also been a physical distance with this person and maybe things were not as easy as you hoped they would be. 
I see initials, D, J & S around this person also. I feel like they can be easily influenced with the wrong people, perhaps addictions, alcohol or drugs, I feel like they are misled and easily distracted. I feel like perhaps this is where things let slide between you?
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