Your Crystal Ball Message


I can see you've felt stuck in a situation, I feel like emotionally you've felt exhausted and I feel like someone hasn't made a lot of effort, perhaps around love, or family, I feel like you've had to over compensate due to a lack of support and feeling like someone should be there for you but trying to comprehend the fact they haven't been there for you and have left you in the hardest times?

I feel like not only are you incredibly tough but you're resilient, you put up a fight and you don't give up easily. But, I feel like someone has pushed you to your limits, and the sad thing is, they probably like to try and see how far they can push you and how much or what you will tolerate, but I feel like it's got to a point where enough is enough, and you're not prepared to play games any more.

As I look at the crystal ball I can see new beginnings and opportunities for you. I see you may be a good worker with people, or perhaps care / healthcare or similar, you're a peoples person right? I see an image of the sea, this may be a holiday just been booked or coming soon but I see you having peace and quiet, you need it right now.

I see you need to be careful when it comes to lending or giving money out, and be careful of who you trust in this regard. As I'm looking into the crystal ball more here I see money going away from you and I feel like this may be not only unexpected expense, but perhaps someone had taken advantage of you financially. I feel like you've become more guarded and protective of yourself due to the hurt and pain you went through. 

I see August 2022 in the crystal ball now, I see last August - December being a time of something potentially being 'make or break', if it ended, then it was meant to end, but you may still be working at this now in trying to make things work. 

Then I see July - September 2023 being significant and a time of decision, this may be relating to property or home, so possibly a signing of a tenancy, looking to buy a home or possibly selling. However, this time seems to be significant with property.

The Crystal Ball also shows me a lot of blue which talks about communication. Also, I see headaches so be aware of that, it may be stress related. Do things that are good and relaxing for you.

I see the colour blue showing me also that you need to get something off your chest right now, what has happened around a week ago til now as I just feel like something needs to be said, something needs to be dealt with. I feel like someone hasn't been listening to you and you've felt like you're talking to a brick wall?!

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