The first card is showing someone has been deceitful or dishonest...

I have 6 cards here for you. 

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The first card is showing someone has been deceitful, dishonest and it's almost as if they've betrayed you and taken advantage of your trust.

Looking at the cards here it seems there is jealousy, ego and someone who is holding you back. Someone who is a bit negative, it feels like you're almost being kept somewhere or in something because of what they want or what they expect of you?!

However, I do see a time of you breaking free. It's odd because it looks like this persons actions and words just don't match up?! I feel like you've got a heart of gold and that's one of the first things I see. I can see how you always do your best for people, how you never want to let anyone down, how you are generous, kind and giving, but there seems to be an immediate warning here that someone has or could be being dishonest or taking advantage of your kindness.

Know your worth. You are worth more than what you have settled for. I know this past year / two has shown you a lot, and oh my god, some of the lessons and the things you have gone through have been so painful, but look where you are now. It's as though the rainbow has come after the storm, or it very soon will and you can now move forwards.

I feel like you and someone haven't explained how you really feel, it's as though this could be to avoid confrontation, but it looks like there is dishonesty or lack of trust, and it may come to light if it hasn't already. 

Are you looking at planning a holiday or going away? I only say this because I see within your cards that you want to get away, maybe it's to try and improve or change things in your life right now, but the thing is, I'd go away on your own or with someone that lights you up, and someone who truly believes in you and isn't passive aggressive or jealous.

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