Spirit guided Message for you...

Hey, how are you?

I didn't hear back so I think you may have missed this message?!

I was looking through my inbox and I felt pulled to share a message with you now. The first thing Spirit were telling me is how someone is missing you and thinking about you.

The funny thing is though, this person acted like they didn't care. I feel like you were probably left feeling quite confused at how someone can withdraw / disconnect in a way that appeared to be so easy, when they said they had feelings for you, etc. I feel like maybe they 'love bombed' you, perhaps they weren't truthful in what they said.

Either way, I feel like you had to withdraw yourself emotionally due to the hurt and the pain. But, I feel like an Anniversary or significant date around this time is / will bring flashbacks of the past.

I do feel like they acted as though nothing bothered them, but I feel like they would do this in every area of their life, not just love, even though if this was a committed relationship, or not, this person 'I feel' made you believe it was / would be something serious and I feel like you were drawn in. 

You probably have beat yourself up a bit since this situation as perhaps people warned you or tried to pull you away from them. I feel like this person is irresponsible and immature. I feel like there may be a battle around you or them right now, perhaps involving court, legal, or some sort of official connection with this.

I've drawn a card for you and it's the world, the world card signifies changes, endings of hard times, and fresh new starts. Have you just had an interview for a new job or been looking? I see a new beginning for you in whatever way.

I do feel a change coming in which is something you are hoping for, be careful to not spend too much money or invest money into something you aren't one hundred percent sure about, and make sure you if you sign any contracts or documents over the next months that you a. read everything over, and b. it is something that you definitely want, don't be influenced by someone else, as I feel this person I mentioned earlier on has tried or will try to influence you into doing something, for their benefit, not yours. 

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Not convinced? Well, this message has not come to you by coincidence, it's for a reason as Spirit are trying to help and bring guidance / messages to you.

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Chris x 






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