Someone suddenly left you but maybe they do regret it?!


Someone suddenly left you but maybe they do regret it?! 

I've drawn 6 cards for you, I will share the first card with you, I will hold your 6 cards here aside til midnight tonight for you, and if you'd like to hear what the rest of your reading reveals, then I am happy to continue if you finalise your spot now! 

As I look at the cards they look to be more focused around your love life right now. I see a situation where you went through a lot, I feel like someone who however never accepted blame, they tended to always make you feel like you were wrong?!

I see this person may have been hiding something from you. It looks like there was an injustice, a lack of honesty and I feel like they would have left you to almost chase them or maybe they cut the communication and didn't respond.

I see an exciting new beginning opening up for you, but I see someone with initials J, M & S around this / closely connected to them who may have had an influence or an involvement in a past love related situation. I see a new beginning opening up for you but I see you need to let go of the past first.

Your cards very clearly show that someone is not over what happened, and it shows how although they acted like they didn't care, they truly do, and as time has gone by they've realised they was wrong in what they did, but will they reach out and tell you how they really feel or should you contact them? Let's take a look... 

I have your 6 cards here, you can choose to see what 3 of them reveal or the full 6 for more detail and in depth insight right now. Either way, I can hold them til midnight for you, and that's all, so be quick!...

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Speak to you soon

Chris x 

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