Someone still has feelings for you...

I have 6 cards here for you. I see someone who still loves you, even though they cut the communication suddenly, they still have feelings for you.  

I feel like someone has also been interfering and spirit are showing me that someone is threatening you and almost blowing smoke, it feels like they have used something against you to threaten you but more so to frighten you so they get exactly what they want. 

 The first card that has come up for you tells you to be unapologetic. You have nothing to apologise or even be sorry for, so why keep admitting the fault or being manipulated to feel like it's your fault all the time?

I see slim build, darker hair, they've been talking about you to a mutual connection you have. They know they didn't treat you well, they didn't do anything to help themselves, they were irresponsible and stupid, but, they miss you.  I can see initials S & M connected with or around them. 

So, are you giving them another chance?! Want to know more?

If I don't hear from you claiming this offer before midnight then I will have to put the cards aside and move on!

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Speak to you soon!

Chris x 

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