As I'm looking at your cards focusing on next month the first thing I see is changes and opportunity, I see you focusing on new beginnings, this may involve potential job interviews, changes or opportunities.

However, I do see there has been unresolved feelings and I feel like you & someone had left things unsaid, I feel like there could be an opportunity of a reconciliation in the next 4 weeks.

This looks like it is unexpected and I feel this could be at a social event / may involve friends or people you would know mutually, and I feel like there could be a contact or exchange of messages by / around mid month.  I can see this person opening up about their feelings for you and this may throw a bit of a curveball as it could come completely unexpected. 

As I look at this, this person may be darker haired, I also see drink or drugs with or around them, or maybe even with the people around them, I feel like they don't deal with their emotions very well and that may be why there was a lack of communication. I almost feel they rejected you before?

I see you as a social butterfly, someone who is out there, fun, likes to have a good time but can equally keep themselves to themselves. I feel like the past few weeks / months you have been keeping yourself to yourself and maybe have disconnected from people around you, but it looks as though this starts to change over the next weeks. 

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