LOVE Message for you

As I connect with you, and I've drawn a few tarot cards, I see that someone has been thinking about you, but I feel like there is someone that has developed feelings, perhaps they didn't realise initially how they truly felt about you but then now it has really made become clear to them. 

I actually feel that it may come a surprise how this person feels or the fact they have caught feelings for you. I do see you as a bit of a social butterfly, you love to be around people and you love to meet people and especially when you can experience new things and go to new places.

I feel like you have a huge heart, but when it comes to love and relationships, there has been hurt and pain. I feel like you give one hundred percent in any friendships or relationships, but I feel like there has been a situation where it's just not mutual, which I feel like has made you pull away from someone and almost feel like you may not be sure of where you stand OR what their intentions or feelings really are?

I see there was a time when you may have almost covered up how poorly someone was treating you and I feel like you would have moved mountains for them and done everything you could to make them happy, but it just wasn't always mutual or didn't feel so anyway.

I feel like you are very Intuitive and your gut feelings have often come true, and things you've thought have often come to light. I feel like there is also someone who is hiding their feelings from you and I feel like this connection was instant from the moment you connected with them, but I see how they have pulled away from you also. I feel like you've been very focused around work, business and career, and I see how you've put your emotional energy into something to bring you a sense of achievement and focus. 

Why do I feel like someone has not been telling you the truth? Have you been feeling like someone is lying or something just don't feel the same as it was?! I feel like there is something that will be revealed and come to the surface, either way you will find out the truth. Would you like to know more? 

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Chris x 

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