I've drawn 6 cards focusing on LOVE

Hello! I've drawn 6 cards focusing on LOVE, here is the first.

I see a relationship or connection that ended suddenly. I see there was a lot of chemistry here, an intense connection. There may have been a physical distance between you or this person may be distant right now.

As I look at this I feel the connection was instant from the beginning. I see how it progressed quickly, and maybe a bit too quickly, and perhaps they just wasn't ready for it. I feel like perhaps they weren't ready for a relationship and wasn't over the past, yes I feel they were hurt but you can not be expected to be responsible for someones past, that is not your fault. 

Looking at the cards I can see your mind may be slipping back to a past situation, but you do need to move forwards. It may have almost felt like someone was telling you lies or was deceitful? I feel like you can give someone many chances, but I feel like something that happened was almost unforgivable?

At the same time, I feel like you have a huge heart and a lot of love to give, truly. I feel like you have good intentions but need to be careful of being taken advantage of. Spirit are showing me there was a time when you tried to help someone but they just weren't helping themselves? Perhaps there is alcohol or drugs connected around that?! I feel like this person would have outbursts of argumentativeness or abruptness and I feel like things would turn badly very quickly. 

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