Is this your Soulmate / TwinFlame?!



I've drawn two cards for you and was guided to share a message with you just now.

Spirit are talking about a connection which may have ended but it may not have been yours or their choice, perhaps something or someone was influencing it, or got in the way. 

I see someone is thinking about you and missing you. Spirit are showing me this person may have gone through some depression or addictions, perhaps something that wasn't good for you or them. I feel like you clashed over things that perhaps couldn't be avoided? 

However, this could be a twin flame or soul mate connection even though you walked away from each other. Has this person reconnected by the way?

I see a significance with the initials D, J & M. I see 2 significant people around them as well, perhaps with either initial.

I actually feel that it may come a surprise how this person feels or the fact they have caught feelings for you. I do see you as a bit of a social butterfly, you love to be around people and you love to meet people and especially when you can experience new things and go to new places.

I feel like you have a huge heart, but when it comes to love and relationships, there has been hurt and pain. I feel like you give one hundred percent in any friendships or relationships, but I feel like there has been a situation where it's just not mutual, which I feel like has made you pull away from someone and almost feel like you may not be sure of where you stand OR what their intentions or feelings really are?

Why do I feel like someone has not been telling you the truth? Have you been feeling like someone is lying or something just don't feel the same as it was?! I feel like there is something that will be revealed and come to the surface, either way you will find out the truth. Would you like to know more? 

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Speak to you soon, I'm here if you need me!

Chris x 

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