'I still love you' from your Past Love...

I have a Message for you here.

If you already booked your reading with us please just reply with 'done' so I know! 

 I've drawn 6 cards for you and I have put them aside just now.  

The first thing I see is how someone regrets how they treated you. This does look to be a past connection, I feel this person had emotional issues but I feel like they would never admit fault and they tended to deflect the blame of things on to you?

As I look at this I see darker hair, I also see this person may have done things that weren't good for them, and they had habits that were not good for them either, but you know what?! I feel like they would sometimes lie as they know that perhaps you did not like some of these things. 

As I'm looking at your cards I see communication opening with someone, I feel like this person cut you off before though and did not communicate. I feel like they would often become angered, argumentative and I feel like they may have had a temper.

Your last cards show you are destined for true love, it shows me an exciting connection opening up for you that feels new, not from the past, but this will feel instant from the moment you connect with this person. Look out for initials D, M or S around this.   

I'm offering 6 card love readings right now. I have your 6 cards here but I can only hold them aside til midnight. 

If I don't hear from you claiming this offer within then I will have to put the cards aside I have chosen for you. 

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Speak to you soon!

Chris x

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