I see someone developing feelings for you


I was looking through my client list and wanted to send you a free message as a thank you for your loyalty and support. 

As I've connected here spirit are talking about how someone will be developing feelings for you but it looks like this is someone you may not even expect and it may come as a total surprise. 

I am seeing that the eye contact will be intense, this person may not be your normal sort of type, but, I see a new connection that could be potentially opening up here for you.

I am seeing someone who is a bit taller, probably taller than you, likes to take care of themselves in the way they dress, and I see a paler complexion. I see they are a generous type of person, giving, kind and thoughtful.

Listen, if you haven't come across this person yet, then you will. 

I see with your love life that the past 2 -3 years has been traumatic, I see someone made you feel guilty and sort of made you feel trapped?! 

As I look at this, you definitely without a doubt made the right decision moving away from them and cutting ties. Yes, I feel they may have tried to drag you back to them since, however when that happens / if it already has, you have to stand your ground and only do something if it's what YOU want, and not what they want.

I feel this person would have used depression or mental health as a guilt trip on you to make you feel sorry for them and stay with them. 

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