I have a Tarot Message for you from Spirit





I was shuffling the cards, 2 cards fell out that I felt the need to share with you right now. 

Spirit were guiding me to share this message, and they made me feel that a significant anniversary, birthday or date has brought a loved one closer. I get the sense that there was a close bond here, but also that this person had a very loving, supportive and caring way about them.

I feel as though they passed suddenly, although it may have been expected in some ways, I see it was almost not expected as they were the sort of person who always bounced back at whatever came their way in life, always. 

You have the same sort of strength and you are the same kind of person in that way. You are strong, resilient and you don't give up a fight easily, but lately especially as I look at the cards that have come up for you, it's almost as though Spirit just want to give you a hug, bring you a lot of love and let you know that it is going to be ok. 

They want to remind you that although it's perhaps felt like the world is falling in beneath you, this situation is only temporary, and there is always time to be able to work on things, you just have to be patient, especially when it involves more than one of you, you have to make the effort to make it work as such. 

As we look at the 9 of pentacles, I see you as someone who never complains, who gets on with whatever is in front of you. I see you are someone who is very generous and giving, but you may find it hard to accept gifts or help from other people. If someone does something for you, you probably feel like you have to do or give something in return. 

I see wonderful news coming, it looks to be related to work or money, either way - I see an increase in income, or money coming to you. This may be money that someone owes you or that was taken from you, but, be careful with your money as people can take advantage of your kindness, as you have seen this past year to two years, first hand. 

You go out there and get what you want. If you have had a knock back in career, please fight, carry on, don't give up. I see there has been some opportunities come your way but perhaps it's just the first one wasn't truly right for you or meant to be, and honestly, that should not be a problem for you.

Spirit are giving you a lot of healing right now when it comes to the past, and the frustrations you have had as well as the hurt and pain, you need to realise that the person who was not honest, faithful and hurt you or broke your heart, did not deserve you and you deserve the best, so don't settle in any area of your life!

As we look at the second card that has come up for you, this is guiding you to take more care of yourself right now. You can't function on empty. The Queen of cups does show that you want to be able to help everyone, you are very Intuitive, and people are very drawn to you and they open up to you.

You may find a care role or working with people would be / is ideal for you and it's time for you to do what YOU want in your life, and not everyone else. 

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