I have a Message for you


I've drawn 3 cards for you, here is the first... let me know if it resonates. 

The Knight of Wands has come up for you, as I've drawn this I can feel spirit are bringing so much love and healing to you right now.  

I feel like something may have just come to a head, and I feel that maybe something has been blown out of proportion, I feel like someone may very soon regret what they have said or done, but maybe they've acted like they've done nothing wrong and it isn't their fault?

Please don't fall into the trap of admitting fault and apologising when you've done absolutely nothing wrong, you've done this in the past, but you've grown the strength and self belief to not do this again, so don't let someone push you back into making them feel everything is your fault, ok?! 

That said, when I look at love for you, I see you will find a connection that is overwhelming and instant from the moment you met, I feel like if you haven't already found this connection, you will, but listen, this relationship is / will not be perfect and it will take a hell of a lot of patience if this is what you truly want, but you can do it.

I look at this card as a sign of stress and anxiety, but I do feel you can deal with whatever is going on right now, I feel like you've been feeling overwhelmed and you've not been sure what way to turn. I also feel you tend to keep everything to yourself and you find it hard to talk about your own feelings. Have you thought about speaking to someone who has no judgement and is impartial to your situation?

​Also, are you someone that has been feeling incredibly anxious or having what feels like panic attacks at the moment? 

I feel like you're afraid of someone thinking badly of you because you don't want to seem like you're just trying to paint someone else in a bad light when that's not the case. I feel like you sometimes would rather just keep quiet and not tell anyone what's going on, but it's not the best way to deal with things, you will feel SO much better when you talk about things.

Is there a distance with someone ie. family, I feel like there is someone who has let you down, I feel like someone is slightly jealous of you OR you feel they have been putting you down? I feel like this may not be intentional, but I feel like they can maybe say too much and have too many opinions and don't always know when to stop or what to say / not.

I feel like you have pulled away from someone and I know when it's family it's hurtful and it's not easy, it doesn't mean this can't be fixed or sorted out, but I know you have felt hurt by this also?

I also see news coming in the next 2 weeks, it may be by post, but it feels like something you have been waiting for, it may be a surprise, it could even be unexpected money coming, but I see it's something you have been waiting for and it looks like it is POSITIVE news! Let me know when it happens. 

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Chris x 

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