I have a Crystal Ball Message for you

Hello, I was looking at the Crystal Ball and I felt an urge of stress for you right now, I feel like something has come to a head, I feel like s omeone has possibly said something that has hurt you or said something out of line?

I feel like you've been stuck between a rock and a hard place, I feel like you are trying to do what's best for you and someone else. As I'm looking at the Crystal ball I see a lot of pink, this shows me love, I see new love coming forward for you, and something you desire, and deserve, OR the deepening of a current connection already in your life. 

I feel like you have got to a point where you don't have the time or the space in your mind for fights, I feel like you can't be bothered with the drama. I see you and someone having time apart also and I feel like this is needed. I look at a situation where someone has also interfered or is causing you problems?

I feel like someone is getting in the way and I see something ultimately coming to a head here also, I feel like if this is family related then it may be hard for you to tell this person how you really feel, but I feel like you've almost been hiding behind speaking the truth? 

As I look at the Crystal Ball I see horses running, horses represent freedom, and a time of getting away from something or someone that's holding you back. I feel like you are trying to do what's for the best, but guilt is stopping you from moving forwards. 

I also see a lot of the colour yellow, the yellow brings you peace and calm, I see you also looking at a break away or time away from a situation which is draining. Also, are you looking at changes in career or business? I feel like you deserve better than current and the way you are being treated or made to feel by people in an environment.

I feel like you are going to see more money coming to you, but, I see someone has taken money OR could be trying to take money from you and I feel like you need to be most careful of lending or giving money to someone who you can't really trust. 

The Crystal Ball also shows me a very close loved one, a guardian angel for you and I see this loved one who passed suddenly. They also show me a new birth coming close to you so look out for this and a baby announcement or birth soon. 

I see this loved one from Spirit who didn't get to say goodbye bringing a lot of love and protection around you right now. This loved one was very humble, and very down to earth, and just like you, they was not motivated by money or material things, they show me you have a desire to look at people emotionally, their hearts, you see deeper than people who are motivated by money and material things in life.

I have this loved one who passed suddenly very close to you and although they didn't get to say goodbye, they bring a whole lot of love and they are sorry they was a burden to you / family, but they passed peacefully surrounded by so much love. I feel they was possibly misled in life or brought into things that weren't necessarily good for them, but, their heart was most pure and they have so much love here for you.

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Chris x 

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