Hey, this person has realised they were wrong!


How are you?

I wanted to get this message to you sooner, I had drawn 6 cards for you this morning, I woke up with a few messages that I just felt I needed to share with you. 

Thank you so much for your message and comments you've left by the way, I see you! 

As I look at the cards, I felt like you've had a broken heart. For a period of time I see this situation where you felt very torn whether to walk away from someone or not. I feel this person was very manipulative. I also feel this person tried to turn people against you, maybe even your family?

I do feel this person may have had an addiction, I feel like there behaviour was often uncontrollable, and if you tried to help you'd be seen as an interference, and wow, I feel they would be so defensive and angry! 

It feels to me that moving forward in your life needs to be your focus right now, to the future, not the past, look forwards and not back. I feel like there has been or very soon will be contact, so expect to have a message/ call or email, but, I can see someone calling you with a withheld number, and maybe even at awkward times, at night.

I see you're strong and resilient. When you say no you mean it, however I feel this person has had a way of changing your mind and influencing you, making you feel guilty. Why do I feel like his person has used something against you as a weapon? Could it be children, money? Property? I feel like there is a side to this person that could be incredibly dangerous. I see initials C, D & S around you / this situation.

I can see a loved one around he would've passed suddenly. This person would've had words left on said. I know that you probably didn't get to say goodbye, this loved one makes me feel so they would be almost a guardian angel.

Do you have a photo by your bedside or in a place you have been looking at? they see you! ~They are bringing you roses, they may not be red, but the roses must mean something, they just want to validate they are with you right now, look out for number 22 or 22:22, there may be a significance to the 2nd, or 22nd of a month, if it doesn't resonate right now then please remember I've said this! 

 I may have to go back more than one generation in your family, why do I feel that you've been put in the middle of many situations, trying to keep people getting along, trying to avoid having a broken family? fallouts, disputes & arguments?

They are showing me and telling me that you don't have to forgive for anything. Sometimes forgiveness is so that you are able to move forward. Yes, I do feel that you haven't had any closure, yes, I do feel as though you were manipulated and I fell you were forced into doing things that you may have not wanted to do.

Do be careful of what you sign and agree to right now, spirit places a warning around a contract, document or paperwork, be careful who you are trusting, and do not be influenced or blackmailed into doing something just to benefit someone else. 

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Speak soon,

Chris x 

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