As I look at this I can see someone may be a bit jealous of you and maybe controlling. I see how you have maybe felt isolated this past few days / weeks and feeling like maybe you can't fully express yourself or say how you are feeling without it causing drama and disagreements.

I feel like someone has also been interfering and spirit are showing me that someone is threatening you and almost blowing smoke, it feels like they have used something against you to threaten you but more so to frighten you so they get exactly what they want. 

The first card that has come up for you tells you to be unapologetic. You have nothing to apologise or even be sorry for, so why be admitting the faults or being manipulated to feel like it's your fault all the time?

You don't need to cover up what this person has done or how they have treated you anymore. I feel like you wore a brave face, put on a fake smile, and now you can / should talk openly about your feelings and emotions truly, so you can start to understand the things you have been through and heal from them.

Something is making me feel here that we need to go back 6 months - 1 year with a past connection, where you still may have mutual friends or connections with this person, ie. you know people who know them, I feel like it all went suddenly wrong between you guys perhaps, it feels like there was no getting through to them, they wouldn't listen, but, I feel like this isn't done once and for all, but at the same time something makes me feel like they perhaps wasn't honest?! 

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