I felt a pull to reach out just now. The Empress card is the first one out for you and it's showing that something has come to a head. A situation where perhaps you have tried to avoid confrontation or arguing with this person. I do feel like you have given this person quite a few chances, maybe more than what you think you should have. However, it does seem that they have a very good way of manipulating you, and making you feel guilty. I feel like someone can't be trusted and they've hurt you before? 

I do see in the coming three months there are important decisions to make. I also say that financially this person may have, or could, take advantage of you. You do need to be careful that you're not giving them too much. If this is a relationship that we are looking at, then it needs to be mutual.

This person may have suffered or struggled with depression a mental health issues. However, they may not have done anything to help themselves, i.e. Drugs, alcohol, or just things that are reckless or perhaps stupid. It's almost like they know there is an problem and that they are not being sensible, but they haven't got the proper help to sort it out once and for all.

I'm seeing the initials, D, J, L & M around this, and this person, perhaps friends or close connections with them. I also see someone who works hard, but may have issues with money or potentially depend on you or someone else for money... be careful of being taken advantage of when it comes to finances, perhaps they're a bit jealous and they think that everything you have has just sort of fell in your feet, no, you've hard to work so hard for it. 

I feel like they have come and gone, and the thing is, they can't keep coming and going as they wish. I feel like you either need to stand up for yourself, telling them how you really feel, or leave it, and in that case, they can keep coming and going out of your life as they please.

The Empress also brings a time of abundance. I feel and see some changes with this coming in the near future, and it is worth your patience. Are you waiting for contact regarding a job or opportunity? OR, perhaps you're looking for a new job, as I am seeing the potential of interviews here.

Looking at the future, you have an important decision to make. Are you currently looking at you / them either moving or going away? Spending time apart from someone? Perhaps temporarily moving, or renting for a short time even? I feel like there is time and space needed between you and this person, I feel like things have become too much too soon, hasn't it?

Are you having a break at the moment or perhaps haven't spoken? Maybe you miss 'them', but now how they have treated you? Please let me know!

I have this loved one who passed suddenly very close to you and although they didn't get to say goodbye, they bring a whole lot of love and they are sorry they was a burden to you / family, but they passed peacefully surrounded by so much love. I feel they was possibly misled in life or brought into things that weren't necessarily good for them, but, their heart was most pure and they have so much love here for you.

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