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Hey! How are you? 

I was looking through my inbox and just wanted to say thank you for your support.  I felt drawn to share a message with you just now and my spirit guides were pushing me to reach out.

I have drawn 3 cards for you and I can go more in depth with 6 cards for you if you wish! 

As I look at your cards the first thing Spirit are bringing to me is to tell you that you are making the right decision in walking away.

I can see you have put up with so much, but there comes a time when enough is enough, but also, I do feel you have given someone endless chances, and I feel like you have felt unappreciated in an area of your life. 

I feel you need to be clear with someone about what you want and also you need to not feel guilty if something is making you unhappy or is not fulfilling for you. As I've mentioned to you before I know it is hard for you to put yourself first, as you feel selfish doing so, but you have no reason to feel guilty, you deserve to make your own happiness a priority and you are more than worth it.

I feel like someone has interfered? Why do I feel like someone has either caused issues for you or lied?! I feel like as I look at the second card that you are in need of a break AND time for yourself, without having to please someone else all the time. I also feel someone has almost used their depression or their mental state against you, is this person either drinking a lot or doing things that are just unhealthy for them? and just not listening at all to anything you have to say and not doing anything to change their life or make it better?

As I look at the second card this shows you are in need of recovery and rest. I feel like it is time to put an end to a situation. I feel like you have put up with enough for so long and why do I also see a legal or court situation with or around you? Or perhaps someone is just threatening you? I feel like you are going to see some important news or letter possibly even within the next 7 days, look out for initials S, J and D associated with or around this. 

I can see some dishonesty and deceit, I also feel you need to not say 'yes' to someone just because it's what they want. I also see you need to stay away from someone who is mostly negative and makes you feel drained. I also feel like you need to stand in your own power and know you are strong, and won't settle for any dishonesty and being second option or second best for someone! 

I also see a loved one around you from Spirit who passed suddenly and had things they didn't get to say. I also see a Birthday being very important right now, and there may be an opportunity for you to go overseas, maybe far away but don't be frightened of stepping out of your comfort zone, it'll probably be the best thing that you'll ever do.

 I have your cards here but I can only hold them for you til midnight, before I have to move on to the next person, so don’t miss out. 

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Speak soon

Chris x 

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