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Your Message continued...

The first card out for you is the 3 of pentacles, this shows me that you're a strong, resilient person. You always put up a fight and you will not take 'NO' for an answer. I see a sense of you may struggle with or find rejection hard, due to your past.

I do see you need to clear your mind at the moment and perhaps the answer is for you to spend some time on your own, so perhaps talking about moving / moving on your own etc or making changes to your living situation or lifestyle is the right thing to do. 

I do see how at the moment someone is perhaps sorry for what they have done, but haven't had the courage to say that to you, so perhaps they have just decided to avoid this or stop communication, but as I ask spirit about this, they do make me feel that you will be hearing from someone, but, listen... I would make they apologise first before getting involved with them again for sure.

I feel like not only are you incredibly tough but you're resilient, you put up a fight and you don't give up easily. But, I feel like someone has pushed you to your limits, and the sad thing is, they probably like to try and see how far they can push you and how much or what you will tolerate, but I feel like it's got to a point where enough is enough, and you're not prepared to play games any more.

Someone else's attitude and behaviour has been reflecting on to you, and the way they have behaved and the way they've treated you is NOT anything you have done, it is their own karma and isn't yours, but don't be trapped into responding negatively, or treating them in the same way they have you, perhaps to try and make a point - walk away from anything that doesn't benefit or help you right now, listen to your inner voice and trust your gut, as it's trying to help you and guide you forwards through any difficult or tricky times.

It may be that someone has come back into your life and maybe you've tried to or maybe trying to reconcile a connection, it could be love or friendship. Want to know more?! 

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